Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

  1. Definitions
    1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions:
      1. The customer will be represented by “you” and “your”.
      2. Red Squirrel Software will be represented by “us,” “we” and “our”.
      3. http://redsquirrelsoftware.co.uk, all subdirectories, and all subdomains will be represented as the “(web)site”.
      4. http://redsquirrelsoftware.co.uk, all subdirectories, and all subdomains plus Red Squirrel Software softwares shall collectively be known as “products”.
  2. Acceptance of Terms
    1. By using this website, or any of our softwares, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.
  3. Privacy
    1. You agree to the privacy policy that can be found here.
    2. Our website uses cookies on your system to store login information. This information contains no sensitive details, just a random string of characters to ensure the correct user is logged in and help prevent against session hijacking. When you log out of our website, this cookie is automatically deleted from your system. By using our website, and signing up for an account, you agree that cookies may be stored on your system.
  4. Account Details
    1. By signing up for an account, you agree that we own the account and you only have the right to use the account.
    2. By signing up for an account and uploading your own profile picture, you agree that you have the legal right to upload the image, and that we may store this on our servers for use across our site, however ownership of the image will still belong to you.
    3. Any texts uploaded to the site are the views of you alone, and not of Red Squirrel Software, our partners, or our employees.
    4. Texts uploaded to the site shall not be hurtful, including but not limited to, bullying, racism, profanities or pornographic material.
    5. You agree that all actions that occur from your account are your sole responsibility, and if you believe your account to be compromised in any way, you shall contact Red Squirrel Software via our support pages.
    6. You are responsible for choosing a strong password, and storing this in a safe and confidential place to prevent unauthorised access to your account. It is recommended you have a different password for each account across the internet in case an unauthorised user gets hold of your password.
    7. You will receive a personal account page when you sign up for an account, which will have limited editing available to you. This personal page will have its own URL which will not be able to be changed.
    8. By breaking any of rules 4.1-5, we reserve the right to suspend or delete the account (and also the IP address used to access the account). No discussion shall be entered into if you believe that it was wrongfully suspended or deleted.
  5. Use of Products
    1. You may not copy, imitate, modify, nor redistribute any of our products, in part or full, without express prior consent.
    2. Under no circumstances shall you be allowed to sell, lease or license any of our products, in part or full.
    3. You may not copy part or all of designs or layouts of the products which are protected by Intellectual Property Law.
    4. We make every effort to have our site accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however there will be times that our site will be inaccessible, due to maintenance, upgrades, repairs, or failure of equipment that is beyond our control. We will take steps to try to ensure minimal disruption to the accessibility of the site when this occurs.
    5. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any of our products, both temporarily or permanently with or without prior notice. You agree we shall not be liable to you or anyone else if this happens.
  6. User Conduct
    1. You must have an account to post on our website, however in the event of system failure that allows you to do so, you agree to abide by the following rules. If you have an account, you shall abide by both these rules and those found in section 4. If there is any conflict, section 4 will take precedence.
      1. You shall not use our products to make hurtful remarks including, but not limited to, bullying, racisim, profanities, pornographic material, harassment, stalking, intimidation of others, inciting to commit violence, threatening behaviour or hateful comments.
      2. You shall not make available content that you don’t have the legal right to make available.
      3. You shall not use our products to impersonate others, nor pretend to be a representative of Red Squirrel Software.
      4. No messages of spam, chain mail, surveys, contests, nor duplicated information shall be posted onto any of our products, or from one of our products.
      5. You must not make available any softwares that could damage other customers’ systems, nor our systems, including but not limited to viruses, files or programs designed to interrupt the accessibility or functionality of our products, or damage or disable any part of our products.
      6. You shall not access or attempt to access any parts of our products you are not authorised to do so, such as administration areas, other customers’ profile pages, or reverse engineer any parts of our site or softwares.
    2. You agree that by breaking any of the terms set out above(6.1.1-6), we reserve the right to block your IP address from accessing our products.
  7. Disclaimer
    1. Our products are provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, express, implied, statutory or otherwise. We make no warranty that our products will be constantly available, uninterrupted, secure, error- and defect-free, effective, accurate, reliable, will meet your expectations or requirements, or any errors or defects found in any of our products will be corrected.
    2. We specifically disclaim any liability with regard to any actions resulting from your use of or participation in our products, and any content obtained from our products is accessed and used at your own risk, and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your system or loss of data. We assume no liability for any computer virus or similar code that is downloaded to your system from any of our products.
    3. Users and moderators of the site are not authorised spokespersons of Red Squirrel Software and their views do not necessarily reflect those of our own. We also disclaim all liability with respect to the use, misuse, loss, modification or unavailability of any user content.
    4. We assume no liability for any loss that may occur due to unauthorised access to your account, whether it was with or without your knowledge.